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                      RECENT ACTIVITIES
Monthly potlucks are free.  Members host and co-host potlucks in their homes or local clubhouse.                  
Hosts are compensated by the club to offset the costs of potluck supplies, ice, and soft drinks.
                                                                                 At the Movies
Attend showings of first run, classic or special event films. Purchase your own tickets
May be hosted by a CVC member, by another group (such as Desert Classic Films), or un-hosted.
                                                                              Big Bear Weekend
Several cabins are reserved for CVC members for a 3 day weekend to escape the summer heat.
Group events include an opening Friday brunch potluck and Saturday night dinner and social get-together.
Optional individual and small group activities are available.
                                                                            Coffee 'n' Art Walks
Meet at a local coffee shop for refreshments, then proceed to a local art museum to view current exhibitions.
Hosted by a CVC Member.  Purchase your own tickets. Some admissions are free.
Cruise with us with special group pricing offered by a local travel agent.
Play your favorite games with others.  Board games. Cards.
                                                                          Restaurant Meals
Meet at a local restaurant to share a meal with CVC friends. Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.
                                                                                  Tram 'n' Walk
Ride the PS Aerial Tram to escape the heat of the desert floor, then explore Mt. San Jacinto State Park.
Tour with other CVC Members.  Purchase your own tickets.
                                                                                      Yard Sale
Bring items to us you want to get rid of.  CVC gets the permit and runs the sale.  Proceeds go to CVC.




    Contact a Board member with your ideas.

    Signups have started to host activities for 2019

    You can host activities you're interested in and CVC will invite members.

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